• Necati Yalçın Project Office was founded in 2006 in Kayseri by the Certified Civil Engineer Necati Yalçın. In 2010, Necati Yalçın and his wife Architect Müşerref Yalçın got married. Necati Yalçın Project Office has been working on such projects as architecture, engineering and urban transformation projects. Since 2006, Necati Yalçın Project Office has succeeded in projects that are carefully designed and high quality and that stand the test of time. By putting the customers and the places to the center of the design process, the office has always aimed to create designs that improves the life standards of the customers. The project office designs employer-oriented works principally. For each project the employer’s aims and the current and future demand programs are considered. The designs are obtained after making numerous studies and meetings with the employers. In the preliminary agreement process many studies and field works are performed together. In the project development process, the main approach is designated by the feedbacks obtained from the employer. And then, the designs that meet the needs of the patrons, improve the quality of the life, consider the structural economy and consider all the possible scenarios that can occur in an individual’s life are presented.
    Necati Yalçın Project Office takes the design and the applications as a holistic approach and to minimize the faults that can arise from the lack of communication and coordination, it runs the Architectural, Staticaş, electrical and mechanical projects in the same office.
    Necati Yalçın Project Office, which considers each project individually and produces solutions that makes the project more valuable, has helped many projects come alive both domestic and abroad.
    Necati Yalçın Project Office aims to be a brand office globally, with the with self-development after each project and the completed projects both domestic and abroad in parallel with changes and developments.
    With these visions and goals Necati Yalçın Project Office has played an important role in conceptualizing projects that has a total area of 1,500,000 m2 of area since 2006.